Ideal BMI For Women

Ideal bmi for women

After you figured out your Body Mass Index using our 3D BMI calculators (click for: Standard System, Metric System) its time to understand what the results mean for you.

Result of less the 19 means that “underweight” wile result between 19-24.9 mean that your body fat is normal. Overweight will be shown by Numbers between 25-30 while BMI of 30 and up for obese body.

Athlete or Body-Builders may sometimes get Overestimate results while older person may sometimes get Underestimate results.

Now when you know your Body Mess Index and you know what is the ideal BMI, in which group of body fat are you located? (you know the best, if  its time to start diet, or maybe spend more time in the GYM).

Its never too late to get in shape or start to exercise!

Ideal body mass index for women