How To Calculate BMI

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How To Calculate BMI

BMI is an easy and straightforward measurement to make. It only requires a tape measure, scale and a calculator. Use this formulas to calculate your Body Mass Index:

Metric System: weight (kg) / [height (m)^2]
For Example:  If your hight is 1.7 Meters & Your weight is 70Kg, Than:
70/1.7^2= 24.22

English System: 703 * weight (lb) / [height (in)^2]
For Example:  If your hight is 60 Inches & Your weight is 150 lbs, Than:
703*150/60^2= 29.29

How to calculate BMI - Thanks to WIKIhow

You can also use the BMI Chart to look up your BMI directly based on your weight and height.

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