December 2010

The Body Mass Index is a mathematical formula that measures both person height and weight. The BMI chart for women is used to estimate a healthy body weight based on the person individual height & weight.

Metric System BMI Charts For WomenEnglish System BMI Charts For Women

The BMI is a very popular diagnostic tool due to the easy way of measurement and calculation. With the BMI charts for women it’s easy to find out if we have any kind of weight problems within seconds. Over-weight, under-weight or normal weight can all be easily determined using the BMI chart or the BMI mathematical formula.

The ideal weight for women based on Body Mass Index is between 19 to 24.9 – Less than 19 in the BMI chart means under-weight wile higher ratio then 24.9 mean over-weight condition. Find your BMI on the chart of this site and find out if your weight is on the “normal ” scale.

You can choose between the English System BMI chart for women which uses Inches & Pounds to the Metric System BMI chart for women which uses Centimeters & Kilograms.


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How To Calculate BMI

BMI is an easy and straightforward measurement to make. It only requires a tape measure, scale and a calculator. Use this formulas to calculate your Body Mass Index:

Metric System: weight (kg) / [height (m)^2]
For Example:  If your hight is 1.7 Meters & Your weight is 70Kg, Than:
70/1.7^2= 24.22

English System: 703 * weight (lb) / [height (in)^2]
For Example:  If your hight is 60 Inches & Your weight is 150 lbs, Than:
703*150/60^2= 29.29

How to calculate BMI - Thanks to WIKIhow

You can also use the BMI Chart to look up your BMI directly based on your weight and height.

The Body Mass Index for women (BMI) is calculated based on weight and height. However, BMI is not gender-specific. It is important to understand that a woman may have the same BMI as a man, but can have more body fat, since women tend to have more body fat than men in general. For that reason, a healthy body mass index for women is the same as for men.

While calculating a body mass index for women can be one good measurement of overall weight health, it should be considered along with other factors. Since some women tend to set unrealistically low weight goals, it is important not to obsess about a BMI number.

BMI value range for Women:
Underweight: Less than 19
Ideal weight:  19 – 24.9
Overweight:  25 – 30
Obese: 30 and up